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Bin It 123 Begins image

Bin It 123 Begins

Bin-It 123 enables Mid Devon's communities to cut greenhouse gas emissions through higher levels of domestic recycling, lower volumes of non-recyclable waste, and a more efficient service with lower transport emissions.
recycling box

recycling box

This month Mid Devon's new Bin-It 123 collection cycle begins, which means the Council will be able to improve recycling rates, decrease the amount of waste collected and in turn reduce the carbon impact and cut emissions from the collection vehicles.

It will also help the Council to meet Government guidelines to recycle 65% of household waste by 2035 and Devon’s proposed 60% target rate by 2025.

Collections on the new Bin-It 123 scheme:

  1. food waste continues to be collected every week;
  2. recycling and chargeable garden waste every 2 weeks;
  3. and non-recyclable waste every 3 weeks

Councillor Colin Slade, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate, said:

“After an extensive process getting to the implementation of this new scheme we’re grateful that the time has finally arrived. A lot of hard work has been put in by staff to ensure that this significant transition to three-weekly collection goes smoothly – I’d like to thank all those involved and hope that residents embrace the change and can help to achieve our recycling and climate goals.”


Further information and FAQs about the new service are available at If you have a question you want answered about Bin-It 123 please email or call 01884 255 255.

Remember you can also look up your collection date online at


Source: MDDC. October 2022.