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Free energy efficiency UPGRADES image

Free energy efficiency UPGRADES

The Council partnership work with Energy Saving Devon supports two exciting schemes available to eligible households in Mid Devon. See below for more details and links for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) and Homes Upgrade Grant (HUG2).

Mid Devon residents can save money and energy as part of two new grant schemes.

The Council is proud to be working with the Energy Saving Devon Partnership, formerly Cosy Devon, to provide the following schemes.

Homes Upgrade Grant (HUG2)

The Council is working with Devon County Council and the Energy Saving Devon Partnership to install energy efficiency upgrades to homes not connected to the gas grid, at no cost to the household. These improvements will help make homes warmer and more comfortable, whilst helping lower energy bills and carbon emissions.

For more information about the scheme and how to apply, visit the Council’s website, here:

ECO4 Flex

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) focuses on supporting low-income, vulnerable and fuel-poor households through the installation of home improvements to reduce fuel poverty and energy bills, and in the long-term reduce carbon emissions.

Households that could not previously access the standard ECO4 scheme may now be eligible to apply for energy efficiency measures to be installed in their homes thanks to the additional access criteria published in the Council’s Statement of Intent. For more information about the scheme and how to apply, visit the Council’s website, here:

Councillor David Wulff, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure, said:

“We’re proud to support residents through our support schemes that aim to reduce the impact of the cost-of-living crises, and lift low-income households out of fuel poverty, all while reducing carbon emissions in the district.”

There are a number of further resources available on the Council’s website for residents who require help and support, visit: