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Net Zero Visions - have you seen the mural? image

Net Zero Visions - have you seen the mural?

The mural at Tiverton Pannier Market is taking shape. Brilliant public art - inspired by ideas from the local community - has been created to raise awareness of the Devon Carbon Plan and stir the imagination about the possibilities for a low carbon future.

Sustainable Tiverton has worked with artist Kate Crawfurd and local people to turn a “Net Zero Vision” into a public artwork to inspire community ideas and actions for a low carbon future.
The Net Zero Visions project is funded by AHRC and supported by ERDF Low Carbon Devon, led by University of Plymouth in collaboration with Devon Climate Emergency and communities across Devon. Artworks in these different settings will help to raise awareness of the Devon Carbon Plan and engage people in the process and possibilities of change.
Kate Crawfurd, the artist commissioned to produce the mural at Tiverton Pannier Market, worked closely with a group of local stakeholders brought together by Sustainable Tiverton when they were awarded support for this project. This was a way to collect loads of ideas for what might be in the vision - such as local food, energy, transport, homes and community projects.
Kate said: "The mural is designed to be a hopeful, empowering art piece which will engage passers-by and make them stop and think about the future they would like for Tiverton. The mural incorporates small changes that everyone can make to help move towards that future, as well as bigger, more city/countrywide changes we can all aspire to."

An earlier view of the work in progress. 



SOURCE: Tiverton Pannier Market on Facebook