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New electric vehicle chargepoints

Over 400 new electric vehicle chargepoints to be supported by Devon's local authorities in 2022.

By the end of 2022, over 400 new electric vehicle chargepoints will be supported by Devon's local authorities.

During 2022, Mid Devon District Council will have 10 new charging bays installed at public car parks in Crediton, Cullompton and Tiverton, all funded through the joint-EU funded Deletti partnership. These fast chargers will be easy to use and run on 100% green electricity, accessible and easy to use. 

Mid Devon District Council's Climate and Sustainablility Specialist, Jason Ball, said:

"Councillors are keen to make sure Mid Devon continues to provide a growing network of car charging bays. This boosts driver confidence as they travel the district, knowing they are never far from a charger. As a local authority, we can help to drive the transition to ultra-low emissions vehicles, and it is great to attract this government funding as partners in the DELETTI project."

DELETTI (DEvon Low carbon Energy and Transport Technology Innovator) is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) part-funded programme that aims to continue the low carbon transport and energy transformation, through the expansion of electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs), solar carports and developing new, local energy models. This is the procurement for phase 2 of the DELETTI charge points project. The capital costs of Phase 2 are funded by the UK government’s the On-street Residential Charge point Scheme (ORCS).

How can Electric Vehicles (EV) help our community to tackle climate change? 

  • Fully electric vehicles run with higher efficiency than those with internal combustion engines. This means they achieve much less climate impact per mile travelled, compared to fossil fuelled cars. 
  • The UK’s electricity generation mix is becoming lower-carbon each year, which means electric vehicle journeys can be made ‘greener’ through this process and by EV owners switching to greener power suppliers. 


How does this connect with the Devon Carbon Plan? 

Action T36: Electric charging and shared mobility on Devon Climate Emergency partner owned assets.

Where can I find a chargepoint?

Current EV charger provision can be viewed on this map: 

Devon Climate Emergency has published a map of existing and planned chargepoints in Devon.